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Full Version: Ban Game
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Did you want to ban a certain person just for fun? Then play this game! Post something about the last poster being banned for liking or doing something. Some examples.

1: You're banned because you don't have a sig.
2: You're banned because you banned a person that doesn't have a sig.
3: You're banned because I want to ban you.

Get it? Let's start!
banned for making the first game in Pokésonic.
banned 4 no signature
Banned. Thanx for reminding me, i just made a new banner and avy Smile
banned kuz of blue typing:0
banned for mismagius named arceus
banned kuz u dont know that i didnt get 2 chose the pokemon
Banned cuz i know i used to have one
banned kuz u used 2 hav 1
banned for being online.
banned kuz ur online 2
banned kuz im online more than any1
banned because actually aslong as i can go on the comp, im on.
banned kuz u hav a guinea pig avatar
banned cuz its a (f******) hamster! Tongue
banned 4 using profanity
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