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Full Version: Forum Rules & Questions
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1. Please do not spam! Doing do will earn you a 10% warn, unless you are in the proper section, The Chilling Lounge.

2. Don't swear. I know most people on the internet are from 10-16 years old, but there are some children here. Some people find it really offensive, and it will get you a 20% warn.

3. No Flaming. It's really mean. To alot of people its really offensive. flaming can get you 10-20% warning.

4. No mini-modding. Use the report button under the person's post. It looks like this [Image: postbit_report.gif]

5. No account sharing. Doing this may get you banned.

6. Do not revive dead threads. Any threads, unless otherwise said by a staff member. Here at PokeSonic, a dead thread is one that has not been posted in for 3 weeks.

8. Please notify an admin if a sibling, friend, etc. will be using the same IP adress as you. Not doing so may get you IP banned.

9. Please don't double-post. You won't be warned if you wait 2 hours before double posting. If you dont, you get a 10% warning.

11. Advertisements are allowed only in sigs. Try not to advertise in a post or through PM. By advertising not through your signature, you will get a 20% warning.

13. Please don't be lazy and post stuff like "Y0 wu7z uP h0|\/|3 d4wgz?". Use proper grammer. This is allowed in The Chilling Lounge, but otherwise, 10% warning.

15. Make sure the title for your thread makes sense for your thread.

16. Staff, when warning a member, make sure you notify them and an admin through PM why you warned them.

Thank you for reading the rules Smile Post any questions about them in this thread.
wats flaming
flaming is when your saying something like: "*insert users name here* sucks, hes so ugly, no one likes him/her", basically insulting someone.
so spamming
yeah what do you do if you revive a dead thread
(12-30-2009 10:38 PM)its geo baby Wrote: [ -> ]so spamming

No, spamming is when you post something that doesn't relate to the topic for no apparent reason.

(01-03-2010 02:33 AM)A Random Asian Wrote: [ -> ]yeah what do you do if you revive a dead thread

staff members would decide on if the person who revived it will receive a warning.
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